At the moment M. G. Hughes has been featured and/or published by the following:

Poetry (Print)

Slaughterhouse Magazine: Hallowed Ground (2019)

Genre: Urban Arts Print No. 7 (2019) 

She Will Speak Anthology (2019)

Harness Magazine: Issue IV (2019)

War Crimes Against the Uterus Anthology (2019)

Essays (Online & Print)

Harness Magazine: How We Should (and Should Not) Define Writers of Color in Classrooms (2019)

Harness Magazine: The 1923 Rosewood Massacre: Finding History in the Present

Marjorie Magazine: A Beloved Woman Named Gracie Lee Osborne Hughes (2018)

Additional Features (Print)

Genre Urban Arts Print No. 8 (Upcoming)

Additional Features (Audio)

M. P. S.: Who’s to Say Featuring M. G. Hughes (2019) 

Once Around the World hosted by Mackenzie Belcastro (Upcoming)