M. G. Hughes is a published poet and novelist. Born and raised in San Diego, she first discovered her passion for storytelling at a young age—a time when her grandmother, an accomplished educator, would encourage her to write in composition books.

What inspires her most? Aside from the cultural and political factors that impact society, nature would also make this list. As she once said:

”Nature is my power source and pen, my ink and battery. I think there’s a point when we inch back to the trees and dirt and insects in search of familiarity. What are these colors? Where can I find relief? Does a thorn intend to hurt or do we hurt ourselves? It’s all colorful and frankly, to me, that’s also the blood and vessel of writing. If your soil lacks nutrients, your metaphors will fly but seldom take off. If your soul lacks a heart, your words are anything but a story. At that point you’re just a sack of noise and letters.”

Currently (2019) M. G. Hughes is working to get first poetry collection published. Her first novel Margot Lee is also in progress.

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